About Josh Crain

Josh Crain is a designer, front-end developer & illustrator who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Josh is intensely focused on user advocacy, web standards and the creative process.

About This Site

This domain continues to feed my curiosity for web design,  provides a place to talk about what interests me and experiment with new things. The site uses standards compliant mark-up and a custom responsive layout, designed to publish content to any device.

This site was created on a Mac with with HTML, CSS and jQuery and uses Tumblr for publishing. The body typeface is Source Sans Pro and headings use Helvetica Neue. The footer background image is pulled from my feed via the Instagram API.


My design sensibilities are influenced by my 2D background. My education began with drawing and painting; and later, print design. Today, most of my time and creative efforts are spent on the web. I tweet about my interests, inspirations and the absurd at @thejoshcrain.

I am an ex-Division I athlete, a few of my lesser known talents include whistling and keytar playing. 221 is my high score in bowling.

Other Sites

Dallas Tweets
My first attempt at Responsive Web Design, automatically paired tweets with images using jQuery (July 2011)